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September 2014 print issue:

The September 2014 print issue is an amazing one, featuring 21 submitters, 6 of whom are brand new to The Bitchin’ Kitsch. The issue features:

  • Artwork from: Rob Hobkirk, Mark Maier, Toby Penney, W. Jack Savage, Chris Talbot-Heindl, Wlkn_Fire

  • Fiction from: Michael Prihoda, Jack Veenum

  • Poetry from: Sissy Buckles, Morgan Christie, Louie Clay, Mitchell Grabois, Allison Grayhurst, Mike Jewett, Louis Marvin, Tim Parkin, Zak Parsons, Leslie Philibert, Bekah Steimel, Sushant Supriye, Changming Yuan

Check out this month’s issue on The Bitchin’ Kitsch September 2014 issue page.

September 2014 music/vid issue:

This month’s issue features music from MXSFLXWETICZ.

Check out this month’s issue on The Bitchin’ Kitsch September 2014 Music/Vid page.

Current Features

Sep 2014 Background

Monthly Artwork Feature

Image from The B’K September 2014 issue. A ceramic tile piece entitled “One of Many Unnamed Tiles” by Mark Maier.

Weekly Written Feature

This week’s weekly feature is a poem by Bekah Steimel, an untitled poem.

Current Month’s Calendar

September 2014 Calendar Web

Welcome to September! This month’s models are Jesha LaMarche and Jared Heindl. Jesha and Jared are pictured here nesting and doing home improvement, with their piece from the October 2011 issue, “Group Drawing #4.” Feel free to download a PDF of the September Calendar for your use.

Submissions, Donations, and Acquisitions

If you would like to submit to the next issue (and possibly have your artwork on the cover, or be a weekly featured writer), send your submissions by the 26th of this month. Please follow our guidelines, which can be found on the Submissions page.

You can donate to or buy back issues of The Bitchin’ Kitsch on our Shop The B’K page using PayPal. All proceeds go toward paying for our website and the paper copies that are featured at our community locations: Zest Bakery and Coffeehouse, Tech Lounge, LLC, UWSP Department of Art & Design, and The Coffee Studio.

You can also support The B’K by purchasing a t-shirt, art print, or hoodie to show your love on our Society6 page.

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