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The B'K June 2017 IssueThe June 2017 issue is ready! We were able to put together a great issue featuring 21 pieces from 19 submitters, 7 of whom are brand new to The Bitchin’ Kitsch. The issue features cover art from Chad Fisher, entitled “Mighty Xeno-Morphin’!” as well as:

  • Art by: Gordan Ćosić, Chad Fisher, Olivier Schopfer, Rebecka Skogg
  • Fiction by: Susan Monaghan, Steve Slavin, Ken Williams
  • Poetry by: Mike Andrelczyk, Michael Bates, Heath Brougher, JD DeHart, Gary Duehr, Anne Garwig, Shirley Jones-Luke, DS Maolalai, Gabriel Patterson, David Thompson, Dr. Mel Waldman
  • Prose by: Sam Landry

Check out The B’K June 2017 issue!

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If you would like to submit to the next issue (and possibly have your artwork on the cover, or be a weekly featured writer), please follow our guidelines, which can be found on the Submissions page.

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