The Bitchin’ Kitsch (2010-present) or The B’K is a quarterly compzine edited and published by The Talbot-Heindl Experience, LLC in Denver, CO. The B’K is an outlet for people who may not be accepted or considered by more traditional publications.

The B’K aims to have a diverse publication from a diverse set of voices and promises inclusivity, diversity, and respectful discourse. Issues are published in January, April, July, and October.

The B’K Vol. 13, Issue 1


Art by: Michael Nelson

Fiction by: Esty Loveing-Downes, Halle Preneta, Mike Hickman, and Olive Pile

Non-fiction by: daniel barrios, Susan Triemert, and Tangela Williams-Spann

Poetry by: Aileen Luo, Anjali, Ashley Hajimirsadeghi, Betsie Flynn, Camille Ferguson, Catie Wiley, Holy Imafidon, Isabella Melians, Joanna Fortier, Katharine Blair, Keagan Wheat, Lorelei Bacht, Lucy Levin, Noa Saunders, Omar Zahzah, Padmaja Battani, Rex Ybañez, Sofia Maher, Thaina Joyce, and 婕 Venus Cohen

The B’K Vol. 13, Issue 2


Art by: Aaron Hahn

Fiction by: Cat T., Mike Hickman, and Zach Murphy

Non-fiction by: Chachee Valentine, Tangela Williams-Spann, and Vee Signorelli

Poetry by: Ashley Bao, Beck Guerra Carter, ​​Clem Flowers, Gaby Benitez, Hikari Leilani Miya, Jasmine Kaur, Kristin Entler, Rachel Alarcio, Raina K. Puels, Sher Ting, Shufei Ewe, sloane angelou, Syna Majumder, Tanner Armatis, and Will Arthur Spiller

The B’K Vol. 13, Issue 3


Art by: Zaynab Bobi

Fiction by: Chloe Feffer, L.C. Lupus, Lilia Anderson, and Tracey N. Hébert-Seck

Non-fiction by: Chachee Valentine

Poetry by: Auzin, Chella Courington, Cheryl Aguirre, Chisom Charles Nnanna, Gray Caston, J. Alex Huerta, Joshua Effiong, ​​Madeline Lokensgard, Marisa Silva-Dunbar, Mim Murrells, M.R. “Chibbi” Orduña, Matt Hsu, nahal g, Niina Tsuyuki Dubik, Sam Moe, Taiwo Hassan, and Tate



The B’K Vol. 13, Issue 4


Art by: Larissa Monique and Mark Myavec

Fiction by: Devaki Devay, Krista Bergren-Walsh, Sol Kim Cowell, Zach Murphy, and Zary Fekete

Non-Fiction by: Lev Raphael and (re)becca meier

Poetry by: Aanuoluwapo Adesina, Ankit Raj Ojha, Bernice Caña, Brishti Chakraborty, Cara L McKee, Constance von Igel de Mello, Divyasri Krishnan, Felix Reyes, Julieanne Larick, lauren.napier, Maeva Wunn, Meily Tran, Priyanuj, Rahma O. Jimoh, Robin Kinzer, Shei Sanchez, Sodïq Oyèkànmí, and Susan Anmuth