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When we started The B'K ten years ago, our one goal was to provide an outlet for creators who were generally overlooked. This publication seeks to provide inclusion and equity to creators who have been shut out from traditional publications. We value inclusivity and diverse perspectives and believe the only way to do it right is with #OwnVoices.

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What Refusing to Affirm Pronouns is Like

The newest Chrissplains Nonbinary Advocacy to Cisgender People comic is out! Too often, when nonbinary people affirm their identities, pronouns, or names, people react in ways that value their own comfort over our dignity. Pronouns are as important to affirm as our names, because they say who we are. To illustrate how silly (at best) and hostile (at worst) every argument made to justify using the wrong pronoun is, let’s reimagine the scenario using names in this comic.

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