Chris Talbot-Heindl wearing a "Call Me They" long sleeve tee with rainbow suspenders, looking towards the left with their fist under their chin

Chris (they/them) is a queer, trans nonbinary, mixed-race artist, educomics creator, and nonprofit laborer trying to build spaces ready to celebrate when they turn up authentically.

They have over two decades of experience working with environmental and LGBTIQA2+ nonprofits in every capacity from dedicated database volunteer, event assistant, office manager, volunteer manager, communications director, social media manager, database manager, membership and donation manager, curriculum developer and manual designer, Moodle administrator, branding and marketing creator, graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, and everything in-between. They pride themselves on being a Jesse-of-All-Trades, learning new skills as needed to accomplish what needs doing.

Chris has over four decades of experience living in a white-, cis-, het-, abled-supremacist society and 25 years’ worth of DEI training aimed at helping them navigate this world in their body. As such, they center and advocate for equity at the forefront of everything they do. If you aren’t ready to do the work with inclusion, equity, accessibility, and justice at the forefront, working with Chris won’t be a good fit. You have to be willing, ready, and excited to do this work.

When they aren’t consulting or working their day-job, Chris can be found editing the quarterly art and literature compzine, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, the biyearly themed art and literature compzine, All My Relations, and Community-Centric Fundraising’s Content Hub; making educomics like Chrissplains Nonbinary Advocacy to Cisgender People and Why Must the White Cis Nonprofit Workers Angry React to All My Posts?; working on their serial graphic novel The Story of Them about what it’s like to be nonbinary in a very gender-binary world; and writing essay and short stories exploring identity and belonging.

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