The B’K is a quarterly art and lit, online and printed magazine prioritizing traditionally marginalized creators, but open to all.

“We are interested in people being able to decolonize their own stories and tell their own stories.”

Read an interview with Chris Talbot-Heindl by Clara B. Jones in PANK Magazine

Current Issue

The B’K Volume 15, Issue 2 (Spring 2024) issue is here! The issue features:

Art by: Aleena Sharif, Mark Myavec, Megan Cartwright, and Willow Critchlow

Fiction by: Ajinkya Goyal, Emmy Teague, Jūlijs Avotnieks, Melissa Ren, and Travis Flatt

Nonfiction by: Ana Marie Boyd, Andrei Atanasov, Christy Tending, Magdalena Poost, Marshall Moore, and Ocean Wei

Poetry by: A. Jenson, Adele Nwankwo, Ami Patel, Dayna Hodge Lynch, Dianna Morales, Eben E. B. Bein, evelyn bauer, Jonathan Chan, n.l. rivera, Salem Paige, Sarah Peecher, Vanessa Y. Niu, and Venus Knowles

Check out Volume 15, Issue 2 below!

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