I have 15 years of experience with graphic design and 20 years of experience with web design. As with everything I do, this design is created with equity and accessibility centered. This includes attention paid to font size, color contrast, alt text, correct markup, and more.


Infographics and custom illustrations

Here are some select infographics and illustrations I’ve created for clients:

Illustration of a cartoon Little Brown Bat
Bat Ambassador with Colorado Bat Watch sticker
Townsend's Big-Eared Bat
Canada Lynx
Boreal Toad
Black-Footed Ferret
Two American Pikas
Gray Wolf Super Cool Species Card
American Pika Super Species Card
Working Together to Create Safe Passages Poster
Why Do Wildlife Need Safe Passages Poster
How to Identify Canada Lynx Illustration
How to Identify Mule Deer Illustration
Wolf Conservation: Past & Present Ad
Size Comparisons for Moose, Elk, and Mule Deer
Size Comparisons for Coyotes and Foxes
Size Comparisons of Cats
Gunny Sage-Grouse Hero
Grizzly Bear
Process for Designating ACECs on BLM Lands
What is the Process of Oil & Gas Leasing
Wind Panel
PV Panel
Electric Vehicle Panel
MREA 2014 Self-Guided Brochure Inside
MREA Self-Guided Brochure Front
Volt, Amp, Ohm
Mounting Systems
Flooded Open Loop System
Drainback System
Ground Mount
Evacuated Tube
Tilt Up Tower
Inside Windmill
Inside Turbine
Active Feathering
Social media

Social Media Kits:

I currently manage the following social media accounts for the following purposes:

Managed for engagement and community-building:

Managed to amplify creators:

Managed for information and education:


I have vast experience with publications, including manuals, chapbooks, and books.

Select chapbooks:

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Web design

I built the following websites:

Websites I built and currently maintain:

Websites I built that are maintained by others:

Select images from previous builds:

Southern Rockies Conservation Association Home Page
Mid-State Sisters of Skate Player Page
Mid-State Sisters of Skate Our Sport Page
Mid-State Sisters of Skate Home Page

Brochures, flyers, and ads

Here are some select brochures, flyers, and ads I’ve created for clients:

Super Species Squad Illustration - Wolf Creek Pass
Super Species Squad Illustration - American Pika
Super Species Squad Illustration - Gunnison Sage-Grouse
Citizen Science Projects Brochure Outside
Citizen Science Projects Brochure Inside
They Are Among Us - Pearl Jammers
They Are Among Us - Sweet Dairy Airs
Mid-State Sisters of Skate Bout Poster
Mid-State Sisters of Skate Recruiting Poster
WFTDA Tournament Infographic
Uff-Da Social Media Infographic
Derby 101
RESA Poster
Firefighter Safety
MSTN Flyer
Renewsical Poster
Solar Tour Banner
Logos and branding

Here are some select logos and I’ve created for clients:

Colorado Bat Watch Logo
Colorado Pika Project
Wild I-70 Audio Tour Logo
Colorado Corridors Project
Captain Chrut Logo
Knaapen for Judge Arc
Deviant Desserts
MREA logo


So, here’s the deal: I have one full-time and three part-time jobs because capitalism is hard when you don’t have generational wealth to fall back on, and I have many passions that I like to pursue. But since Libs of TikTok put my statement piece on blast for something I’m not doing (no worries; reading comprehension is a skill that can be honed), I’ve decided to open up and contract with organizations that are values-aligned!

What does values alignment look like? Well, one thing is that I wouldn’t contract with an organization with a C-Suite (this term refers to the executive-level managers within an organization; think CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, ED, etc.) or Board of Directors that is more than 50% white-, cisgender-, and abled-led.

41% of the current U.S. adult population is BIPOC (Gen Z — aka: the next generation of workers — is the most racially diverse, 48% are BIPOC). 27% percent of adults in the U.S. have a disability. 1.6% of U.S. adults are transgender or nonbinary (5% of young adults identify as transgender and nonbinary). If your C-Suite or Board of Directors remains white, cisgender, and abled, that’s data for marginalized workers for how you conduct your business and how much you value diversity.

Wealth Inequity

This sudden visibility (days before Transgender Day of Visibility, no less) for a site that was never meant to be anything but amusing to me and a place to house my portfolios in case I needed them, means that I have an opportunity to educate a little bit, so here it goes:

A lot of wealth has to do with access, privilege, and power. Most generational wealth was accumulated through either extractive or exploitive practices, which have disproportionately impacted marginalized people. It’s historically only been accessible to white folks through purposeful policies, like Jim Crow laws, internment, the reservation system, redlining, restricted covenants, mob violence that destroyed the businesses and towns of Black entrepreneurs, racial pay disparity, etc. All of these practices served to prevent BIPOC families from accumulating wealth and increasing the opportunity for white folks to excel at the expense of others.

The end result of all of this (and, I’m focusing on mostly Black vs. white since the discrepancy for these two demographics has been highly studied; most of the time, Indigenous peoples are not studied at all — or are lumped in with “other,” which is how we got labeled “Something Else” at CNN during the 2020 election) was the creation of these conditions:

What about transgender and nonbinary folks? I’m glad you asked! While a study showed that weekly median earnings for all workers in the U.S. in Q3 2021 was $1,001, it showed that trans men, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, and Two Spirit folks made 70% of that, and trans women made 60% of that.

What about disabled folks? In the U.S., 20.4% of disabled folks lived under the poverty line in 2022. On average, they make $0.66 for every $1 earned by workers without disabilities.

Now, is charging different rates for BIPOC-, gender variant-, or disabled-led organizations going to make a difference in this intentional wealth disparity? Not at all. Only wealth redistribution can do that. But, I can give a discount to organizations that I believe are doing a better job of individually fighting economic disparities by hiring marginalized folks in their C-Suite.

The Infamous Chart

My design services, like everything else I do, are delivered on a sliding scale basis, which I determine according to the gross income of an organization and the identity of the C-Suite. If dollars are tight, I am all about the barter system, so if you believe you have goods or services I may need, please let me know what you have to offer. I occasionally offer pro bono services to organizations that are BIPOC-led, gender-variant-led, or disabled-led, depending on my availability. If you can’t afford to pay, please ask if I have capacity.

Suggested rate chart:

Gross IncomeIdentity of the C-Suite (at least 50%)Hourly Rate
Below $100,000BIPOC-, gender variant-, or disabled-led$20/hr
White-, cis-, and abled-led$30/hr
$100,001-250,000BIPOC-, gender variant-, or disabled-led$50/hr
White-, cis-, and abled-led$75/hr
$250,000-500,000BIPOC-, gender variant-, or disabled-led$100/hr
White-, cis-, and abled-led$150/hr
$500,001+BIPOC-, gender variant-, or disabled-led$200/hr
White-, cis-, and abled-led$300/hr

Reach Out To Contract

If you are interested in contracting with me, please fill out the form below and let me know what I should call you, where I can reply to you, what you need, and which hourly rate pertains to you. Initial conversations will never incur a charge.

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