The Bitchin’ Kitsch (2010-present) or The B’K is a quarterly compzine edited and published by The Talbot-Heindl Experience, LLC in Denver, CO. The B’K is an outlet for people who may not be accepted or considered by more traditional publications.

The B’K aims to have a diverse publication from a diverse set of voices and promises inclusivity, diversity, and respectful discourse. Issues are published in January, April, July, and October.

The B’K Vol. 12, Issue 1


Art by: Karin Hedetniemi, Olivier Schopfer, Stacy Casson

Fiction by: J. Archer Avary, Lori Graham, Mike Hickman, Mordecai Martin, Nellianne Bateman, Zach Murphy

Non-Fiction by: Michelle Renee Hoppe

Poetry by: Aisha Malik, Alex Andy Phuong, allison whittenberg, Bethan Rees, Candice Daphne, David Hay, Kelly Marie McDonough, KG Newman, Khalisa Rae, Dr. Mel Waldman, Pam R. Johnson Davis, Richard Salembier, Seirce Mhac Conghail, Tamara Al-Qaisi-Coleman, Taylor Greene

The B’K Vol. 12, Issue 2


Art by: Dana Talbot-Heindl, Karin Hedetniemi and Natascha Graham

Fiction by: Jamie Zaccaria, Mike Hickman, Nick Olson, Shaurya Arya-Kanojia, Yvonne Nezianya, and Zach Murphy

Non-Fiction by: Robert Fromberg

Poetry by: Adeeba Jafri, Akash A, Alex Andy Phuong, Ashley Elizabeth, Felix Reyes, gina marie bernard, Ivis Whitright, Jenica Lodde, Jenna Faccenda, Maia Joy, Naoise Gale, Ren Gay, Sanah Singh, Sebastian Hager, Tejashree Murugan, and Vasundhara D.

The B’K Vol. 12, Issue 3


Art by: Chris Talbot-Heindl, Dana Talbot-Heindl, Emily Schanowski, Gordon Lewis, Mary Liza Hartong

Fiction by: Avra Margariti, Cree Nichelle Pettaway, Elisha, Kyle Tam, Mick Hickman, Ra’Niqua Lee, Shannon Layne

Poetry by: Adam Schechter, Alex Andy Phuong, Brooke Kolcow, Carolyn Lawrence, Carson Wolfe, Cassie Birk, Chachee Valentine, Edgar Medina, James McDermott, Jasmine Kapadia, Keana Aguila Labra, Lisa Marie Brimmer, Munira Tabassum Ahmed, Ololade Edun, Palaces P., Rose Knapp, Shi Yang Su, Stacy Casson, Veronica Beatrice Walton

The B’K Vol. 12, Issue 4


Art by: Emily Schanowski, Mark Myavec, Olivier Schopfer

Fiction by: Alex Law, Alicia J. Cartwright, Ava Sharahy, T.S. IDIOT, Theta Chun, Zach Murphy

Poetry by: Alison Cornell, Diamond Braxton, Elissa Fertig, Isabel Lee Roden, isabella fiore, Kendra Nuttall, Martins Deep, Neen Ramos, Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan, Ọbáfẹ́mi Thanni, Rachael Crosbie, Rachel Small, Rachel Wiley, Soumya, Su Zi