The Bitchin’ Kitsch (2010-present) or The B’K is a quarterly compzine edited and published by The Talbot-Heindl Experience, LLC in Denver, CO. The B’K is an outlet for people who may not be accepted or considered by more traditional publications.

The B’K aims to have a diverse publication from a diverse set of voices and promises inclusivity, diversity, and respectful discourse. Issues are published in January, April, July, and October.

The B’K Vol. 14, Issue 1


Art by: Dakota Williams and Sadie Maskery

Fiction by: Booi Carlyn, Elizabeth Fang, Marjan Mahmoudian, and Maya Chang Matunis

Non-fiction by: Sara Watkins

Poetry by: Alix Perry, Anne Walters, Annie Stenzel, Ariel Basom, Cara Peterhansel, ​​Ellis Merel, Eniola Abdulroqeeb Arówólò, Fadairo Tesleem, Isabella J Mansfield, ​​James Penha, ​​John Chinaka Onyeche, Mariya Kika, nat raum, Pam R. Johnson Davis, and Sita Gaia

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The B’K Vol. 14, Issue 2


Art by: Mark Myavec and Severín Strelka

Fiction by: Daniel Goulden, Jo Telle, Jubilee Finnegan, Samuel Edwards, Scarlett Li and Zach Murphy

Nonfiction by: Ana Marie Boyd and Karis Ryu

Poetry by: August Hawley, Caitlin Mae Thomson, Claire Pinkston, Deborah Akubudike, Everett Cruz, Latonya Pennington, Mark J. Mitchell, Michaela Mayer, Mugabi Byenkya, Priya Sirohi, Sadee Bee, Simon Hauwaerts, and Tan Arsa Sagara

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The B’K Vol. 14, Issue 3


Art by: Chris Talbot-Heindl and Mark Myavec

Fiction by: Amy Cadence, Denise André, Emily Strempler, Emily Wunsch, and Mugdhaa Ranade

Non-fiction by: A.P. Thayer, L Scully, L.M. Cole, Lacey Cohen, and Neva Ensminger-Holland

Poetry by: Abdulrazaq Salihu, Arthur K. Saipolla, Audrey Joy Carver, Conor Thew, Courtney LeBlanc, Eleanor Ball, Emma Cholip, Fransivan MacKenzie, Isa Pickett, Raksha Muthukumar, Stacy M. Casson, and Stephanie Holden

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The B’K Vol. 14, Issue 4


Art by: Irina Tall Novikova, Lester A. Batiste, and Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad     

Fiction by: Ashwini Gangal, Jae Vail, Mike Hickman, and Nova Warner

Non-Fiction by: Melanie Chartoff and Phoebe Rodriguez

Poetry by: Aastha Agrawal, Beckett Schneider, Elisha Oluyemi, Fae Wolfe, Fatihah Quadri Eniola, Isabelle Fortaleza-Tan, Jennifer Elise Wang, kristia vasiloff, Lester A. Batiste, Muhammed Olowonjoyin, Saheed Sunday, Sahib Chandnani, T.G., theo bee, and Thomas Hobohm

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