Community members ask the organizers of Denver Pride to increase transparency and come to the table with community to make future Pride events more community-centric


Denver, CO – In the current political climate, with the onslaught of anti-trans legislation across the United States, some Denverites are concerned about the rainbow capitalism rampant at Denver Pride. According to their research, collectively the sponsors of Denver Pride donated at least $6.1 million to anti-2TLGBIQA+ politicians since January 1, 2022.

The planned direct action is a silent protest of the inclusion of these sponsors in the Pride parade. Members of the community will hold up signs indicating the amount each sponsor donated to anti-2TLGBIQA+ politicians to inform the community and the organizers of Denver Pride. 

Example sign: Xfinity (Comcast) sponsors Denver Pride but they donated at least $1,046,000 to anti-2TLGBIQA+ politicians since January 1, 2022. Source: Popular Information Report.

The organizers emphasize that this is not a protest against Denver Pride or The Center on Colfax. Rather it is a request to increase the transparency of the decision-making process and an invitation to come to the table with community members from identities that are most impacted by these funds.

“While we are able to get a vibrant and fun Denver Pride with these funds, these corporations are able to pinkwash locally as they make life hard for our 2TLGBIQA+ siblings in other states,” stated Chris Talbot-Heindl, one of the direct action organizers, “The current configuration of the Pride event – where companies that donate big money to politicians that fight against our rights are featured, almost none of the vendor booths are owned by or fund 2TLGBIQA+ people, and our actual community members who fight for our equality and rights year-round are priced out – is not how we reach our liberation. We want the organizers of Denver Pride to know that this is not what the community wants and ask them to open their planning to the community so that we can envision a better, more community-centered Denver Pride for 2024, together.”

The direct action will happen during the Denver Pride parade, in front of The Center on Colfax, and all are welcome to join. Organizers hope the action will spark conversations amongst attendees who may not know the sponsors’ political donation histories and inspire a more collaborative process with the organizers of Denver Pride to ensure that future Pride events serve rather than harm the members of the community across the United States.


Chris Talbot-Heindl,