Black banner with a rainbow colored line drawing of an open book

An open letter regarding the current attempted genocide in Palestine, and a demand for an immediate ceasefire

I support an immediate ceasefire between Hamas and the Israeli government. I demand that humanitarian aid be allowed into Gaza. I demand the Israeli government immediately return the flow of clean water, food, and electricity. I ask my representatives to stop the skewed rhetoric and cease sending military aid to Israel. And I ask that everyone work to the end of the violent occupation.

A framed poster that says "The best activism is equal parts anger and love. Ladyfingers Press 2018"

An open letter about Denver Pride: We need community building and activism, not rainbow capitalism

Rainbow capitalism, also known as pinkwashing, is defined as how 2TLGBIQA+ symbolism is wielded by companies to heighten consumerism among the 2TLGBIQA+ community and allies without leading to meaningful improvement for the community or in the individuals in it. In the current climate, with the onslaught of anti-trans legislation across Read more…