Both Chris and Dana Talbot-Heindl love all things creative.

As far as Fine Art is concerned, the Talbot-Heindls dabble in many forms including:

Follow the links to see an example of their work.

What to commission a piece from Chris Talbot-Heindl? Email them your idea and receive a quote! If you want to purchase the limited rights to use an already created illustration, also email Chris. Limited rights mean that you can use the image as you like (with the exception of selling it or selling goods with the image on it; you’re welcome to print it on goods for your own use though) while Chris can also use the image (kind of like Shutterstock, but better). Any available image is $20 (available meaning not owned by someone else).

Chris mostly does portraiture, but will consider scenes, species, and/or landscapes as well. There are some custom pieces we will not do. Here’s a complete list of what they’re really not into:

  • A piece that is partially or fully plagiarized (example: “Can you make me something that looks exactly like this?”)
  • A piece that slanders a member of the general population (public figures are exempt from this rule, as they open themselves for criticism)
  • A pieces that objectifies women, non-binary people, trans people, or children.
  • A piece that reduces women, non-binary people, or trans people to body parts or in any other way dehumanizes women, non-binary people, or trans people.
  • A piece that’s main focus is sexual attraction or exploitation.
  • A pieces that is erotica.
  • A piece that sexualizes a child.
  • A piece that depicts sexual violence.
  • A piece that could be considered sexist, fetishist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, or in any other way offensive to a protected class or minority (the judgement as to whether or not it could will be judged by The Talbot-Heindls and is not arguable).