I’ve worked in and volunteered with environmental nonprofits for two decades, but haven’t always been invited, welcome, supported, and/or celebrated in those spaces as a mixed-race, trans, nonbinary individual. Mostly because, until recently, many white-, cisgender-, heterosexual-, abled-led environmental nonprofits felt that equity and inclusion work was “mission creep” and beyond the scope of their organizations.

In 2020, I decided enough was enough and started to demand the organizations I work in, with, and navigate on a regular basis start working to include me in meaningful ways so that I could safely show up as my complete authentic self.

In 2021, I joined Next 100 Colorado — a coalition committed to the establishment of a just and inclusive parks and public lands system. In 2022, I became a Thought Partner for the Elevating Voices video storytelling project (which I will share when it becomes available) and became a Rising Leaders Fellow for Justice Outside. It’s long past time our voices and our stories and our needs are heard.

CommuniTy Science: One Trans Person’s Trip to Loveland Pass to Study Pikas

In September 2021, my accomplice at work, Megan Mueller (she/her), took me out to see pikas and conduct a pika survey. Because of my identity as a trans person, I don’t feel safe in the outdoors by myself, and have never signed up for the Colorado Pika Project because of it. Here’s a short video about that trip. (24 minutes)

Unsubscribing from White Supremacy Panel

Crystal and Parker from Inclusive Journeys invited me to participate in a discussion about different ways we align with white supremacist delusion as BIPOC individuals and our process to unsubscribe from them.