Occasionally, Chris writes stuff! Here are some of their published works.

  • If one wants to survive a hostile world, one must adapt,” Mixed Mag, November 25, 2020. A creative non-fiction piece that names some of the survival adaptations in nature and in BIPOC individuals. CW: mentions of Indigenous trauma.
  • Making Three Separate Piles,” Ayaskala, November 6, 2020. A creative non-fiction piece about how I’ve trained my brain to automate a process of storing memories that emphasizes the bad, enjoy and forget the good, and not notice the neutral moments. CW: mentions of anxiety, a white supremacist, and anti-trans rhetoric.
  • Disparate List Items for the Child Who May Come Next,” dreams walking, September 23, 2020. A creative non-fiction piece about how an incident (or series of incidents) can trigger a trauma response tied to something deeper. CW: mentions of racism, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. Page 25.
  • I’ve always been like a freight train,” Ghost Heart Lit, September 4, 2020. A creative non-fiction piece about the journey to connect with my Indigeneity and find my people. CW: discussion around Indigenous trauma.
  • When Time Stopped at Gunther Toody’s,” Cat on a Leash Review, July 3, 2019. Winner of the Editor’s Choice Prize. This SciFi short story is a response to the phenomena that all people in marginalized communities experience – namely that no one else seems to notice when things go horribly wrong. CW: racism, homophobia, transphobia.