In the summer of 2018, Chris started a zine project called The Future is Genderless, to express what it’s like to be non-binary or gender non-conforming in today’s very gender binary society. They were short, nearly-weekly PSA webcomics, exploring some of the most common occurrences that non-binary and gender non-conforming people face on a daily basis. Chris is working expanding the characters created for that project into a graphic novel called The Story of Them!

In addition to the characters (Yang, Tar, Shondra, Max, Alex, Isaac, and Dion) Chris will be adding a therapist (Kim) and a new character (Charlie) who we will follow from the start of their therapy with Kim. The plan is to create a common element (Kim) who all the characters will slowly disclose their story and the things they face being non-binary or gender non-conforming in a binary society.

Here’s an interview with Sable Schultz, Manager of Transgender Services at The Center for Colfax on the project:

Queer Author Interview – Chris Talbot-Heindl

The Story of Them is a graphic novel in progress that illustrates what it’s like to be nonbinary in a gender binary world. Charlie, Shondra, Yang, Tar, Max, Alex, Isaac, and Dion all see the same affirming therapist, Kim, who they talk to about the different micro-aggressions, biases, and bigotry they face, while also sharing the joy and love they feel when they are fully affirmed. The graphic novel is intended for nonbinary individuals and the people who love and want to affirm them. A prologue is available in print and chapters one through four are available in zine form.

Posted by Denver Pride on Monday, June 22, 2020

The professionally printed Prologue and the first four issues in zine form are available for sale in conjunction with Denver Pride’s Queer Author Expo! Visit our page here to purchase a copy.

Here are some pages from the project:

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