The Story of Them is a serial graphic novel exploring what it’s like to be nonbinary or gender non-conforming in today’s very gender binary society. All the events that take place in the chapters are real and really happened to nonbinary individuals, although not to the fictional characters they are depicted as having happened to.

In Chapter 1, Charlie explores the idea of finding an affirming therapist to help them sort through their anxiety. All the other characters (Yang, Shondra, Tar, Isaac, Max, Alex, and Dion) reflect on how they initially started therapy with their trans-affirming therapist, Kim.

In Chapter 2, we view Yang after 63 days in therapy. Did they come out as nonbinary to their family and if so, how did it go?

In Chapter 3, we see Shondra after 121 days in therapy. Did ze rage quit hir job due to white cishet nonsense, or is therapy with Kim helping?

In Chapter 4, we see Tar after 212 days in therapy. They follow politics very closely. How did they feel about the 2018 elections?

The Story of Them has been on an extended hiatus, but more chapters are coming.

This publication makes every attempt to present things that happened from an own voices perspective, but stories may have gotten filtered through the lens of the author.

Additionally, while these are real stories that contain the bad and the good things that happened to real nonbinary individuals, they may not be a blueprint for how to affirm every nonbinary individual. Always defer to behaviors that people tell you affirms them.

Here’s an interview with Sable Schultz, Manager of Transgender Services at The Center for Colfax on the project:

Here are some pages from the project:

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