In the summer of 2018, Chris started a zine project called The Future is Genderless, to express what it’s like to be non-binary or gender non-conforming in today’s very gender binary society. They were short, nearly-weekly PSA webcomics, exploring some of the most common occurrences that non-binary and gender non-conforming people face on a daily basis. Chris is working expanding the characters created for that project into a graphic novel called The Story of Them!

In addition to the characters (Yang, Tar, Shondra, Max, Alex, Isaac, and Dion) Chris will be adding a therapist (Kim) and a new character (Charlie) who we will follow from the start of their therapy with Kim. The plan is to create a common element (Kim) who all the characters will slowly disclose their story and the things they face being non-binary or gender non-conforming in a binary society.

The Prologue to the graphic novel project is completed and available in our online store!

Here are some pages from the project:

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