Talbot-Heindl Experience Surprise Package!

$ 30.00

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This works at Cons, so we thought we’d give it a go! We’ve got a lot of inventory as we prepared for Denver Small Print Fest, Denver Zine Fest, and DiNK. Since we’re not sure any of those things are happening this year, we have some stuff to unload.

In order to do it in a super fun way, we’re offering $40 worth of goods for $30. And we’re going to package it for you! We’ll hand pick some crochet, books/zines that we think you might like.

For example, a Wisconsin derby friend might get a derby doll keychain, a PPOD creature (an unofficial MSSOS derby mascot), some derby stickers, the “Derby Saved My Soul” zine, and derby pun zine. A queer fam friend might get a bag of crochet dicks, some “Nevertheless She Persisted” stickers, and “The Story of Them” zines. An art and literature enthusiast might get a set of crochet chicken butt coasters, “I Love Zines” stickers, and copies of The B’K.

If you have specific requests, make sure to tell us! Otherwise, we’re just going to have all the fun choosing your package.