On the 7th Day

About On the 7th Day

On the 7th Day is a zine that explores what happens off the clock. When most of our waking hours are spent working for others, we’d like to explore what happens when we do what we want.

Whether your “day off” is actually weeks, hours, Mondays, or weekends, we’d like to see how you spend it. Send your images (300 dpi or larger) to Chris Talbot-Heindl at chris@talbot-heindl.com to be considered for the issue. Please also send the name you would like your image accredited to.

The compzine is going to a quarterly format. Submissions are due by the 5th of April for images from January, February, and March.

Copies of On the 7th Day can be purchased in our online shop. All proceeds will go towards producing MOAR ZINES!

Current Issue

The July, August, September 2014 is out and ready featuring contributions from Mike Jewett, Laura Kiselevach, Kathy Rudin, Chris Talbot-Heindl, and Dana Talbot-Heindl. Enjoy! 

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