While we are no means professional videographers, we do love to dabble! We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we enjoyed making them.

“Drumpfster Fire”
By: The Oh Christ!, January 18, 2017
In dishonor of the impending inauguration debacle, I decided to make this cheeky short film about Donald Drumpf and his Drumpfster Fire tendencies.

By: McFishenburger, January 10, 2017
What started as a bad idea in the shower is now a much worse idea.

“Karate Adult”
By: McFishenburger, November 1, 2016
We had Karate Kid themed costumes, and didn’t let them go to waste.

“For the Love of Baby Jeebus”
By: The Oh Christ! and McFishenburger, February 23, 2013
This animated short got me in a wee bit of trouble with a boss who wasn’t amused.

“Leslie Hall, McFishenburger, and The Oh Christ! dance to Leslie Hall”
By: The Oh Christ!, January 8, 2013
This animated piece was created as an accompanying piece to a workplace annual dip off – and helped me win the award of runner-up for “Best Presentation.”

“A Bacon Tribute to Eric K.”
By: The Oh Christ! and McFishenburger, July 27, 2012
This animated short was a tribute to Eric K. who enjoys bacon and kimchi and moved away.

“Dystopian Mockery of a Democracy”
By: The Oh Christ!, May 5, 2010
This animated piece was the piece playing repeatedly at my senior art thesis show which I watched people “enjoy” and curse from a safe distance, hiding behind other people’s work.