Weekly feature by: Tina Trutanich

“You do not pack a gun unless you’re prepared to use it.”
– Clifford Simack, Time is the Simplest Thing

To combat green light envy: 1. Realize yellow’s fine in the South, and
2. Bubble universes offer an alternative: eternal inflation.
I feign fights and coordinate sensimilla flights,
but find lately lament in freeze: *eats ice and suspects anemia*
the crunch relieves rejection and love’s lost (nursing) lounge.

In the 5th dimension crystal palace, I danced salsa in Fibonacci:
down the stairway Familia Sagrada within a cloud of butterflies.
At Sunrise Acres, the gait belt is too loose for Harold, 92;
My body, between glass plates, is in triangle pose; and
to refrain from sternocleidomastoid strain: I breathe.

Does the lily pod of breath and busy sustain life?
I work on my story – a southern drama starring westerners,
(from different subfields) and a packing nurse, who
instead of wrapping up a routine dressing change,
Pours alcohol over the wound and ignores his call bell.

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