Weekly feature by: Clara B. Jones

What went wrong?…the Anti-Candidate won the prize as if Bojangles® biscuits were served at a bistro or fried flounder the favorite entrée at Le Bernardin®…Chick-fil-A® is selling more Chardonnay than sweet tea and the Clintons have moved to Stockholm though it will be a man’s world for the next four years since Lewis Hamilton is Europe’s most famous negro who has a German sense of humor based on Gottfried Benn poems and Helmut Lang designs…you married Jörg—a Socialist sommelier who flew to Paris to meet right wing chefs—otherwise he rallies for human rights and learns programming from Sam Altman in Silicon Valley…Jörg sent weather warnings to refugees entering Europe—coming to terms with attacks on artists and sales of gregarious robots though power and endurance are the same and superior knowledge is more important than good health…you and Jörg left France before Jorge Lorenzo ended his racing career after the coral reef near Cancún collapsed…the C.I.A. was one of Apple’s® start-ups and tensions between the U.S. and Sweden threatened DSM-IV’s validity when Animal Microcoding won the Homeland Security grant that partially covered the total cost.

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