Weekly feature by: Nathan Caines

I think I’ve lived my life in the woods or half a block from a 7/11
Looking out of moving windows
Of cars, planes
Buses and my westward room,
Standing on summits and front porches that faced the rising sun
In the moments between headaches
And mania

I think I’ve lived my life following sky trails
Between the cumulous and my own beaten paths
Leaving my baggage around, leaving myself around
Writing in little notebooks and reading fine print on beer cans or alley wall poetry

I think I’ve lived my life looking for all the things I lost and finding people who never thought
They were anywhere
Sprinting through the gaps in trees and telling people to drive slower
Screaming along to 80’s hardcore and crying over my dead pets

I think I’ve lived my life as a thought experiment in contradictions
And found they all fit together like a jigsaw inside of my every soft spoken yell
Every tangled thought that tumbled out

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