Weekly feature by: Catie Hajek

The bees are my sisters
The crows are my brothers
Despair is my father
And the moon is my mother
Immortalize my soul
This beauty in me – it must be remembered
Unmake man
Remake him as me
I am entirely too divine
Part my wings
Come between me and the sky-
me in the sky
The tears I shed are glittering like precious gems;
Like stars spotting my sweet brown skin
Irreverent melanin
Oh, I can feel the red sun rising
Its burning up inside my chest
It feels just like a Texas summer
Can’t sweat this out of me
Can’t untie my knotted mind
You keep saying you’ll fix me
Leave my waywardness alone
These scars aren’t yours to touch
Fretting again
Pettiness and vanity bloom
Chewing gum on the pavement
On my shoes
On the fancy white shag rug in your living room
This is what you care about?
I will scream it at the top of my lungs
I will stomp out all your embers
Girls, listen your mothers
There is no love in the water
Steadfast ignorance
Spread the sickness
This is all I get for my trouble
Undone again
Indifferent apologies
Round down your accomplishments
Listen closely
“One time they-”
“Well my cousin told me-”
“I read this article-”
Bleached out propaganda
Reduced, abused and nothing
Give it all back and then some
Memorials on the news
Something closer to humanity
Up and up
On your knees again
And up some more

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