Both Chris and Dana Talbot-Heindl love all things creative.

As far as Fine Art is concerned, the Talbot-Heindls dabble in many forms including:

Follow the links to see an example of their work.

What to commission a piece from Chris Talbot-Heindl? Email them your idea and receive a quote!

Chris mostly does portraiture, but will consider scenes, species, and/or landscapes as well. There are some custom pieces we will not do. Here’s a complete list of what they’re really not into:

  • A piece that is partially or fully plagiarized (example: “Can you make me something that looks exactly like this?”)
  • A piece that slanders a member of the general population (public figures are exempt from this rule, as they open themselves for criticism)
  • A pieces that objectifies women, non-binary people, trans people, or children.
  • A piece that reduces women, non-binary people, or trans people to body parts or in any other way dehumanizes women, non-binary people, or trans people.
  • A piece that’s main focus is sexual attraction or exploitation.
  • A pieces that is erotica.
  • A piece that sexualizes a child.
  • A piece that depicts sexual violence.
  • A piece that could be considered sexist, fetishist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, or in any other way offensive to a protected class or minority (the judgement as to whether or not it could will be judged by The Talbot-Heindls and is not arguable).