A weekly zine chronicling the first 100 days of The Drumpfster Fire’s reign, this zine is really an outlet for Chris that she hopes others might enjoy.

The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Week 1 Zine Read Week One. Featuring the agency blackout, an awkward meeting with the CIA, Kellyanne’s #altfacts, and so much more!
 The Drumpfster Chronicles Week 2 Cover Read Week Two. Featuring the Muslim Ban, crazy executive orders, a botched attack in Yemen, Drumpf firing Sally Yates, Betsy DeVos, “fake” news, and so much more!
The Drumpfster Chronicles Week 3 Cover Read Week Three. Featuring “so-called” judges, Drumpf’s “unreviewable authority,” white supremacist Steve Bannon being added to the National Security Council, the First Lady’s “endorsement” comments, the terrorist attack list, Senator Elizabeth Warren being ordered to sit down, and so much more!
 The Drumpf Chronicles Wk 4 Read Week Four. Featuring the Mar-a-Lago dinner security meeting debacle, Drumpf “will not be questioned” comment, Ivanka’s meeting with PM Trudeau, Michael Flynn’s fall, Russian cruise missiles, one-state, ICE deportations, Drumpf’s crazy presser, and much more!
 The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Wk 5 Read Week Five. Featuring fake news blabber, massive resignations, ICE deportation increases, Milo’s fall, reversal of transgender bathroom protections, the evacuation of DAPL protests, the lunacy of the Conservation Political Action Conference, and much more!
 The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Wk 6 Read Week Six. Featuring more leaks and #altfacts, Drumpf blaming Jewish community centers for the vandalism done to them, Sessions’ recusal, speeches to Health Insurance CEOs, National Governors Association, and the Joint Congress, and the confirmation of more unqualified buffoons!
 The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Wk 7 Read Week Seven. Featuring Drumpfcare, Muslim Ban 2.0, and of course, tons of Spicer fun!
 The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Wk 8 Read Week Eight. Featuring the Republican pre-emptive slam of the CBO report on Drumpfcare, the Drumpf budget for 2018, the lack of evidence on the wiretapping scandal, and much, much more!
 The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Wk 9
Read Week Nine. Featuring the cost of Mar-A-Lago, super fun international embarrassments, wiretapping/Russian influence investigation derps, the rushed push for and failure of Drumpfcare, and more tweets!
 The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Wk 10

Read Week Ten. Featuring moar Russian investigation derps, moar Flynn drama, moar Pruitt idiocy, moar nepotism, moar Spicer tantrums, moar racism and sexism, moar irony, and moar transphobia. Just moar!
The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Wk 11 Cover Read Week Eleven. Featuring more tweets, more ethics violations, more #fakenews and #altfacts, more baseless accusations, more mixed signals, more derpy interviews, more unprecedented Congress shenanigans, more Spicer outbursts, and the chemical attack on Syria and Drumpf’s unilateral military response.
The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Wk 12 Read Week Twelve. Featuring more tweets, more #fakenews and #altfacts, more Spicerisms, and another unilateral attack, this time the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan.
The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Wk 13 Read Week Thirteen. Featuring more #altfacts, more threats of international turmoil, more weird statements & actions, more inappropriate comments, and more craziness!
The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles Wk 14 Read Week Fourteen. Featuring more #altfacts, more awkward interviews, and more embarrassing meetings to round out the last of the 100 days!