Inspired by friend of The T-H Experience, Matt Lison, we are now featuring a whole new section of artwork – Drumpfed.

The artwork here is all Donald Drumpf all the time. Giclée prints of any of these illustrations can be purchased for $3 a page, plus shipping/handling. The proceeds will be donated to a non-profit whose important work will be impeded by The Drumpf.

If you are part of a non-profit who will be negatively effected, please contact Chris with a specific explanation of how and we’ll consider adding you to the queue!

The Drumpfster Fire Chronicles:

Check out our latest Drumpf project, the weekly Drumpfster Fire Chronicles.

April’s recipient:
Impact Locally – Impact was started by Travis Smith in 2010. It started by getting together each month with 4 of his friends, each of them pitching in what ever they could and making sack lunches for the homeless people in the Denver Metro area.