The Bitchin’ Kitsch December 2015 Issue

December 2015 cover webFeaturing

Art by: Elena Botts, Electroylte, Marianic Parra, Andrew Peterson

Fiction by: Roo Bardookie & Louis Marvin, Blaze Bernstein, Miles Varana

Non-fiction by: Clyde Borg

Poetry by: Elena Botts, Nate Caines, Fred Chandler, Alexis Danner, John Grey,  JD DeHart, Rose Hayes-Dineen, Rose Kinney,  Martin H. Levinson, Jean-Pierre Parra, Sy Roth, Dr. Mel Waldman

Prose by: Alison Moncrief-Bromage, Charlene Ashley Taylor

Screenplay by: Sarah Frances Moran

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