Curing Queer

Critique and graphic by: Chris Talbot-Heindl

Days ago an Orthodox Jewish religious college in Israel began forbidding students from eating soy and soy-based food products, claiming that it may increase gay sexual activity.

A week ago, new research found that homosexuality, although prevalent in insects and arachnids, might be accidental. They (Dr. Inon Scharf of Tel Aviv University and Dr. Oliver Martin of ETH Zurich) have concluded that in nature, an animal is in such a tizzy to mate that, oops, wrong gender!

A week ago, Dr. Andre Von Mol stated in his blog supporting ex-gay therapy that “homosexual practice itself leads to numerous well-documented health hazards, including…substance abuse, depression, anxiety…and suicide. Simply put, gay sex is generally bad for people, change is possible and many with GLBT orientation want change.” He goes on to suggest that it was pre-emptive for the American Psychiatric Association to have removed being homosexual from being labeled as a mental disorder.

For decades, the argument has been ongoing, over whether or not homosexuality is something you are born with or something you learn. Is there a gay gene? And if there is, can we isolate this gene and come up with a cure? In the meantime, can we pray the gay away?

Well, I may not have a doctorate, but I have to say – what is the deal?

Are people so terrified of homosexuality that they would honestly avoid soy products? Do people really think that oopsies, homosexuals tried to mate with the wrong gender? Do you think that God in all his glory is going to take away the gay with enough pestering from prayer? Do people need it to be classified as a mental illness? Why isolate and destroy the genetic marker, if there is one?

What is the fucking deal?

Dr. Van Mol may be right in his assessment that homosexuals may experience more traumatic psychological affects than their heterosexual counterparts. Maybe that’s because 75% of the general populace isn’t actively trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with heterosexuals!

Take a step back from heterosexual privilege for a moment and imagine that you are a young person trying to determine who you are and how you love. When I was 10 years old, I noticed that I had a mega-crush on Joan Jett. I mean, mega crush. I was excited, as all 10 year olds who begin to notice their sexuality, and terrified.

In the news, you hear about gay people who are beat to death, you hear pedophilia being associated with your sexual orientation, you hear about the search for what makes people gay (implying that it is the “other” and something to be sought out and rectified), ex-gay therapy, and the list goes on.

These are things you don’t have to think about and associate with your identity if you are heterosexual. You don’t have to wonder if you are sick in the head. You don’t have to worry about someone else finding out. You don’t have to ask for forgiveness from God (I was raised Roman Catholic, so let’s be honest, that’s pretty much ALL I did growing up). You don’t have to justify your existence and love. You’re not told you have a “lifestyle” that you are constantly trying to “promote” and that will slide the earth into a hell-fire if you don’t repent.

You don’t have those things hanging over your head when you are 10 years old, or in high school, or college, or as an adult.

So, yeah, homosexuals may experience more struggles than heterosexuals. But this isn’t some flaw in their genetics or a reason why “gay sex is generally bad for you.”

This points to the way in which heterosexuals react to and make a hostile world for homosexuals.

I think that people should cease endlessly searching for the “gay gene” in order to eliminate it. They haven’t managed jack shit in over 20 years on that front. I think instead, maybe people should start looking for the cause of bigotry, as that will likely be a more fruitful way of “fixing” the problems currently inherent in homosexuality.