Donations and Subscriptions


Printing costs can be a bitch, which is why we continuously look for donations. Any amount helps and is appreciated, and to prove it, your name will appear right here when you donate. There are six levels of donation:

  • Acquaintances ($1-10): Colin Bares, Casey Bernardo, Teri Edlebeck, Stephanie Jones, Eric Krszjzaniek, Dana Lawson, Jason Loeffler, Justin Olszewski
  • Friends ($11-50): Charles Kelly, Kenneth Spalding, Tallulah West
  • Lovers ($51-100): Scott Cook, Keith Talbot
  • Partners ($101-1,000): Felix Gardner, Jan Haskell
  • Parents ($1,001-10,000): none yet
  • Demi-gods ($10,001 and up): The Talbot-Heindl’s

The Bitchin’ Kitsch is not a non-profit (yet), so the donations you make are not tax deductible, but they sure are appreciated. All donations will go towards printing costs. You can become a donor at our Patreon page.


Monthly donors on our Patreon page at the $6 or more per month level will receive a monthly subscription to The Bitchin’ Kitsch sent directly to their home!