Weekly feature by: Gale Acuff

In Sunday School today I fell asleep
again and again nobody caught me
except maybe for a classmate or two
or even three who didn’t squeal on me
to Miss Hooker, our teacher, and then there’s
God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost and
maybe Satan but I don’t think he hangs
around church but on the other hand who
knows but by sinning I’m responsible
for bringing him around anyway. I
dreamt for just a few moments I was near
dead and up in Heaven just waking when
Jesus reached down and pulled me to my feet,
I was surprised to be all-soul and still
have them and my clothes, too, and then He said
Congratulations, you’re dead and not in
Hell, and I said, Thank you kindly, and shook
His hand and on the third pump I woke to
see Miss Hooker with her glasses off and
eyes closed, looking asleep but she was just
praying, praying, it was the Lord’s Prayer
so I drowned my voice in all the others
and heard all our voices, then, as one, and
Amen as well, and then she set us free
did Miss Hooker, the way the Bible says
the truth will even though it never does
until it’s too damned late. Like it is now.

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