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While the Talbot-Heindl Experience is a tiny company with big aspirations to do everything creating, we are most known for our monthly compzine, The Bitchin' Kitsch. exists for the purpose of open creativity and seeks to be an outlet for people who may not otherwise have an opportunity to show their work. Check out this (in)famous zine and consider submitting today!

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Our guidelines are extensive because we aim to have a publication that is inclusive, diverse, and respectful.

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We have our 2017 Chapbook Competition Winner!

For the sixth time, The Bitchin’ Kitsch is proud to announce our chapbook competition! We were looking for an unpublished chapbook of writing, artwork, or a combination of both between 12-16 pages in length.

We are so proud to announce that our winner for this competition is Lucía Orellana-Damacela with her chapbook, Life Lines. Life Lines will be available in our store and on Kindle once the formatting and printing process is complete. Congratulations to Lucía!

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Meet The Talbot-Heindls

The Talbot-Heindls are into all things political, creative, and artistic. Chris and Dana's passion possessed them to spend all of their spare time creating content to feature their own work and others'. Here are their mini bios below.
Chris Scorpion

Chris Talbot-Heindl

Editor, Zinester, Fine Artist, Graphic & Web Designer

Chris's main objective in life is to enjoy life and creations wherever, however, and whenever Chris can. Chris is an avid reader, the editor of The B'K, a prolific zinester, and loves all things art, cats, and roller derby.

Dana Centaur

Dana Talbot-Heindl

Fine Artist, Videographer, Musician

Dana, aka McFishenburger, enjoys long walks on the beach, David Hasselhoff, dad jokes, video games, dismantling and rebuilding computer equipment, electronic music, artistic endeavors, and one-upping MacGyver.

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